Sunon provides you with sheer working pleasure. As an expert in office furniture industry, we seek an innovative and intelligent way to perfect our products for your needs. Gathering global design elites, together with our strong manufacturing strength, we aim at creating an ideal space, whether you are an employee or employer, and be it for work, meeting, training or leisure.

Springwall’s success can be attributed to one simple yet powerful principle; to provide quality sleep sets manufactured with fine workmanship, deliver outstanding service, leading the industry through innovation, offering unique products, and to be the value leader in the bedding business for all customers

Diplomat safes are a high end secure electronic combination safe. Home & Office digital safes are fire rated and have a model to suit your needs. Fire rated filing cabinets and key cabinets complete the extensive range. Diplomat prides itself on the development and distribution of high-quality fire proof document and valuables safes. All safes utilize the latest in digital locks and are manufactured using high quality steel.

Halumm office partitions use metal frames such as aluminum alloy, glass and decorative plate instead of the traditional walls and light steel. These partitions are advantageous as they save space, are easy to handle, reusable, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. As an international brand of office space system, Halumm is dedicated to create a comfortable and practical work and living space for global users with its leading German industrial design, technical crafts and professional service system.

Euroceil creates custom stretch ceilings, designed to transform interiors. Easy to install & maintain, eco-friendly, acoustic and scalable. They are available in translucent, printed, lacquer, textured and 3D varieties. Create designer ceilings and walls with unique finishes, colours, 3D forms across different segments of Interior

Progress Profiles’ products are manufactured, patented and designed to decorate and create indoor and outdoor finishes with an elegant and contemporary touch, such as: strips, skirting boards, kitchen worktops, furnishings and design items, etc. They also have an important technical and installation function, as they protect corners, create connections, provide steps with non-slip surfaces, protect the perimeter of terraces and balconies to name a few.

Born in the last decade, Neolith –a Sintered Stone –is part of a new and revolutionary product category aimed at meeting more demanding architectural and design needs.

It is not at all what is known as traditional ceramic or stoneware but rather evolved from these materials to the point that a new type of surface was created which was non-existent up until that time. Neolith is pioneer in the Sintered Stone industry. Thanks to the format and physical-mechanical characteristics, this type of product results ideal for limitless indoors and outdoors applications in the commercial and residential area: countertops, flooring, cladding, façades, furniture.

Cifre Cerámica offers an extensive catalogue of state-of-the-art, on-trend, superior quality ceramic products. Leading the way in development and product design, with an endless range of new formats, Cifre is at the forefront of the latest ceramic trends. Products are manufactured at several production facilities, delivering the highest level of quality in line with manufacturing efficiency for each format. At present, production includes white and red body tiles, together with red body porcelain tiles in a variety of finishes and formats.

Creavit transforms bathrooms into living spaces with elegant and unique designs that appeal to different styles. For 50 years, Creavit has been creating new experiences in the bathroom with diversified product lines ranging from ceramic sanitary-ware to bathroom furniture, concealed cisterns to flush plates, faucets to accessories and hundreds of products to select from.

GROHE is a leading global brand for complete bathroom solutions and kitchen fittings. GROHE has been developing new product categories since its inception. This includes the GROHE Blue and Red water systems and the recently-introduced GROHE Sense water security system, which is an innovative component in the growth market of smart home technology. Innovation, design and development are closely aligned with one another and are enshrined in the German site as an integrated process. As a result, GROHE products carry the seal of quality “Made in Germany”.

A leading global super brand known for its excellence in innovation and technology. The highest build standards combine with the most beautifully designed aesthetics to provide world-class products for tough conditions. With a superb blend of ergonomic shapes, contemporary styles and meticulous finish, Jaquar continues to enthrall millions of hearts across the world with its wide range of concepts and products.

Navarti is a ceramic manufacturing company based in Spain, producing white and red body tile with cutting edge designs. The product range compromises of a wide variety of textures and finishes such as wood-looks, marbles, cements in four different sizes suitable for any project.

Neelnox has a range of designer stainless steel mosaics and Y l S H E L F, a ground-breaking series of stainless-steel niches and shelves. The aesthetics of the metal mosaic which had once been defined by just a metal “face” have been re-engineered at Neelnox to give it an appealing texture, dimension, depth and character making it ideal for creating a look of luxury. Stainless steel is a green product. It is the preferred material for green building throughout the world. With a minimal impact on the environment and it’s incredible longevity, it is a go-to material for sustainable living.

Ideal Work® was founded in 1997 and is today the European leader in the production and development of systems for concrete flooring, hard landscaping and decorative cement-based plastering. Its in-depth knowledge and understanding of cement allow the company to develop truly innovative and alternative solutions for internal and external hard landscaping finishes. The finishes achievable are unique, beautiful, practical and functional.

We also source natural stones based on the client’s requirements. We import the following stones:

Marble from Italy, Spain, Turkey, Greece, Portugal, Egypt, China Travertine from Turkey, Iran, Italy Granite from India, China, Brazil, Italy Limestone from Portugal, Spain Onyx from Iran, Pakistan, China, Italy.